Forklift fork rubberisation

Forklift fork rubberisation

Discover a new dimension of efficiency and safety in transport and storage with our fork rubberisation service! Our innovative solution of rubber coating the forks not only significantly increases the cushioning and grip of the items being transported, but also transforms every loading operation into a safe and stable activity.

With excellent shock, vibration and impact absorbing properties, our rubberised forks guarantee the protection of your goods like never before. In addition, the unique coating does not stain the parts it comes into contact with, keeping them clean and aesthetically pleasing at all times.

Our rubberisation features excellent backstrain properties, high abrasion resistance and a very high coefficient of friction for unparalleled durability and grip. What’s more, our technology offers up to 5 times the tear and crack resistance, making it ideal for heavy-duty environments.

The flexibility and excellent resistance to dynamic loads, oils, fats, as well as a range of acids and solvents, make our rubberised forks a versatile solution for a variety of industries and applications. In addition, they are resistant to all weather conditions, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors without problems.

Choose our fork rubberising service and see how modern technology can transform your approach to logistics and transport. Ensure maximum safety, stability and protection from damage for you and your goods. Fork rubberisation – an investment that pays off!

Length and width: at the customer’s request
Thickness: up to 20 mm

Contact about the service:
Tel.: +48667970876