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Opona osobowa Kenda KR504 Wintergen 2 SUV


Winter passenger tyre

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PREMIUM truck tyre

Opona do wózka widłowego TVS E4N


Solid forklift tyre




We have more than 30 years' experience in the rubber industry as a long-standing manufacturer of retreading materials and rubber compounds for the tyre industry.

We are a company with 100% Polish capital, a brand valued on the national and international market. Our knowledge and experience put us among the leaders in tyre retreading in Poland.

Our retreading facilities are ECE 109 and ECE 108 approved.

We are certified to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 – the highest standard for the automotive industry.

Retreaded tyres

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by our modern machinery, qualified staff and specialists, a quality policy based on an ISO 9001-compliant Management System, many years of experience in the industry and ECE 109R and ECE 108 approvals.

In the production process, we use the most advanced equipment and strict rules on casings inspection using the sherograph method, which allows us to offer a product whose quality does not differ from that of new tyres produced by leading manufacturers.

Our know-how, technology and quality mean that a tyre remanufactured in the Geyer & Hosaja factories not only brings savings compared to buying a new tyre, but also comparable distance coverage.

Economy with Ecology

For 25 years, Geyer & Hosaja retreaded tyres have been providing economic benefits to customers.

But, as well as reducing the cost of operation, our tyres also ensure a reduction in adverse environmental impact. Our policy of care to counteract future scarcity of natural resources is becoming aligned with the new trend towards sustainability. Retreading is one of the oldest examples of an activity whereby a used product, instead of becoming waste, is reused and its functionality is restored.

The manufacture of a high-quality retreaded tyre consumes only a fraction of the energy required to produce a new tyre. This is accompanied by up to 70% less CO2 emissions, 57 litres less oil consumption in the manufacturing process and 20 kg less steel consumption.

Be ECO - for your benefit.
Be ECO - for future generations.


GH Tyres is a Tyre Sales Platform designed to showcase the offerings of companies with whom we have worked successfully for years.

Our choice fell on partners with an offer suitable for our business, whose products we can recommend to our Customers with full responsibility.

The extensive product range includes tyres for industry and transport, and from September 2022 the offer is extended to include tyres for passenger cars.

We are proud and pleased to present to you new tyres from Greentrac, Kenda, Cordiant, Hankook and TVS as well as our retreaded tyre products.

logotyp KENDA

Founded in 1962, Kenda is a world leader in tyre development and production.

With more than 12,000 employees in 10 factories worldwide, Kenda offers high-quality products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorbikes, quads, trailers, go-karts, golf carts, wheelchairs and wheel loaders/agricultural vehicles. It operates mainly in Asia, North America and Europe.

Kenda is proud to operate under the core values of integrity, innovation, quality and high standards of service with which they provide the highest level of products and services to customers around the world.

For more information, visit www.kendatire.com



logotyp GreenTrac

The Greentrac brand is a Taiwanese product owned by Keter Tire Co., Ltd. It is still a young and rapidly growing company, founded in October 2009.

Greentrac tyres were developed in German laboratories as a response to the needs of European users of the high-speed “Autobahn” motorway network . The company offers the right tyre for every weather condition and various surfaces: from dry to wet to snow and ice. All products are fully certified, including ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

TVS Eurogrip is a brand owned by TVS Srichakra Limited (TVS Group), one of India’s largest manufacturers and exporters of tyres for two- and three-wheelers, industrial and agricultural machinery.

Most modern technology, complemented by years of knowledge, ensures that the tyres produced provide a perfect fit to the vehicle and are reliable in difficult conditions.

Hankook is ranked seventh among the world’s tyre companies. It produces around 50 million tyres each year. It employs 14,000 people. The brand’s tyres are original equipment on cars such as Opel, Kia, Audi, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and Hyundai.

The company currently has two factories in South Korea, one each in Hungary, Indonesia and the USA, and three in China.



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Treść akordeonu

The tyre size is generally shown in the following format:
295/80 R22.5

295 – tyre parameter indicating the nominal tyre width in mm
80 – is the profile, which is the ratio of the sidewall height to the width of the tyre expressed as a percentage.
The nominal tyre width may vary from one tyre manufacturer to another. A generally accepted rule of thumb is that the measurement is taken on the inflated tyre and the width is measured from side to side under load.
R – means the radial structure of the tyre
22.5 – rim seating diameter in inches

The easiest and simplest way to find the tyre size is by looking at the sidewall of the tyre, which is usually marked in large print. In addition to this, manufacturers also display other tyre characteristics, such as year of manufacture, load index, speed rating, etc.

Tyre profile height.

This indicator determines how much the tyre protrudes above the rim disc. The profile height is given as a percentage of the tyre width. The lower the profile, the better the stability of the car on the road, but the faster the wear of the rubber. Higher profiles are ideal for rough roads, dirt roads and off-road use.

225/65 means that a tyre with a tread width of 225 mm has a profile height of 135 mm (65% of 225 mm).

Size 5.50-16

Front tyre size designation.

5.50 – tread width in inches     ” – “ – diagonal tyre     16 – rim diameter in inches


Size 11.5/80-15.3

Size designation of tyres for agricultural machinery.

11.5 – tyre width in inches     80 – profile height     ” – “ – diagonal tyre     15.3 – rim diameter in inches


Size 66×43.00-25

Fleet tyre size designation.

66 – overall diameter in inches     43.00 – tyre width in inches     ” – “ – diagonal tyre     25 – rim diameter in inches


Size 18.4 R38 144 A8

Radial tyre size designation (standard).

18.4 – tyre width in inches     R – radial tyre     38 – rim diameter in inches     144 A8 – load index (144) and speed index (A8)


Size 520/70 R38

Radial tyre size designation (metric).

520 – tyre width in centimetres     70 – tyre profile     R – radial tyre     38 – rim diameter in inches


We create innovations.

We are a Polish family company with traditions. Our motto is quality and experience, drawn from over thirty years of operating in the market. In our four plants, located in Partynia, Mielec, Warka and Przeworsk, we employ a thousand people, constantly expanding the team and creating new work places.

We produce around 80,000 tonnes of rubber a year, which ranks us among the largest producers of rubber products in central Europe. We offer our customers a wide range of products, the components of which are used in many spheres of life. We manufacture: car mats, rubber compounds, retreaded tyres and retreading materials, granules, road safety components, agricultural mats, fitness mats, railway components and others.

years of experience
countries of distribution
qualified employees
tonnes of rubber products per year

Following changing trends, in order to meet the requirements of all customers and out of concern for our common environment, we have developed a Quality Policy of a high standard. We are a business partner of the largest concerns and corporations in the world. In view of their stringent requirements, we have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the IATF 16949 standard, which is one of the main tools for achieving our objectives.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of rubber products – you have come to the right place.

We look forward to working together.


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